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Social Security and Medicare

Congress must protect social security from a president who vowed to “terminate” Social Security’s dedicated revenue by eliminating the payroll tax, essentially sending the Social Security system to the poorhouse.

Four in 10 senior citizens rely solely on Social Security for their income, and that number will only rise over the next decade. Social Security stabilized this country during the Great Depression, and has kept four generations of elderly Americans out of dire poverty. Sadly, today the coronavirus pandemic has created an additional nightmare for those who turn 60 this year. Unless Congress acts, they will receive 5.9 percent less in Social Security benefits when they retire than people born in 1959. That’s not what they were counting on. This is their money that they paid into the system over their lifetimes.

Therefore, we must push back on "tax reform" acts like the one that Reed authored in 2017 that would direct 83% of the financial benefits to the 1 percent. It led to a trillion-dollar deficit that will negatively affect Social Security and our economy for generations.

Instead of undermining programs like Social Security and Medicare, we should celebrate, strengthen and expand them so Americans receive the benefits they have paid for and deserve, In Medicare, for example, we must lower eligibility to include people who are 60 and up. The program can also be run more efficiently as we negotiate for lower or free prescription drug prices and improve communication and infrastructure that both lessens duplication across programs and closes gaps in coverage for the most vulnerable. See more in our Healthcare section.

I would support improving and expanding Medicare in the following ways:

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