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In this day and age, fast, reliable internet service is vital for education, communication, and commerce. Transportation and communication infrastructure undergirds independence for individuals and provides the foundation for new business investment. For too long the people of the 23rd District have been dramatically underserved by our congressional representative to get the federal support necessary to supply these services. As your representative, I pledge to work to improve public transportation throughout the district and to build and/or repair our road, bridges, highway and rail systems as needed, and most immediately: expand rural broadband.

Expand Rural Broadband

Roughly a third of families in the 23rd district lack access to the affordable and reliable broadband that could vastly expand economic and educational opportunities.

Broadband should be helping more families see doctors online, educate children, and grow businesses, including family farms. Families parked outside of fast-food restaurants to get Wi-Fi access for their children to do homework is not fair nor does it provide a competitive advantage for our children and families. Facing worldwide competition, farmers lose out when they can not operate with safe barns or are unable to react quickly to adjust feed to fluctuating commodity prices.

Up to 20 million people in the U.S. lack broadband access, and notably a disproportionate percentage of homes, farms, schools, and businesses in our district. What makes that gap so frustrating is that it is so fixable. We've done this before, bringing to rural areas critical infrastructure like telephones and power lines, and we did so because it strengthened the national economy. Rural areas that have broadband service have higher incomes, lower unemployment rates and better health outcomes, lower opioid addiction rates, and stronger economic growth than those without, making fast, reliable access vital in all sectors of the economy and society. We can, and should, make broadband available, and I will get this job done for this district.

Meet Tracy Mitrano

Tracy Mitrano is a cybersecurity expert, teacher, and mother. She was born and raised in Western New York and has lived in the Southern Tier and the Finger Lakes throughout her adult life.

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