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Because I benefitted so much by attending college (and then graduate and law school), I devoted my professional career to being sure that others have opportunities and access to world-class education. Education enhanced the quality of my life and allowed me upward mobility. It is the tide that lifts all boats, the greatest bulwark of a democratic society, and the foundation of what has and can continue to make our country globally competitive and respected.


Education begins with our youngest: I support the expansion of universal Pre-K education and the Head Start program, so that children can come to kindergarten with similar advantages and opportunities to learn.


We must strengthen our public schools. Federal funds are needed to level the playing field, beginning with making sure that all of our schools have good teachers. Let’s pay teachers what they deserve. Competitive wages reflect the incredibly important work that they do, and we want to keep talented teachers in the classroom.

Associate’s Degree Level Education

Our economy relies on graduates with a two-year degree or its equivalent of workforce readiness in the trades as well as for training, certification, and apprenticeship programs for 21st century jobs and advanced manufacturing. I therefore will fight for federal support to be added to state and local resources to be dedicated to making a two-year degree, or its equivalent, a part of our public educational system.

Four-Year, Graduate and Professional Degree Education

Students motivated to do a four year degree, professional or graduate school should be able to go to the institution of their choosing and abilities without crippling student debt. I therefore support setting interest rates on federal student loans at administrative rates (for example 2.5%) and private loans at a reasonable rate of no more than 4%. For those already suffering under the burden of student debt, I support refinancing. Victims of predatory for-profit colleges (as adjudicated by the Department of Education) should have their loans forgiven.

Meet Tracy Mitrano

Tracy Mitrano is a cybersecurity expert, teacher, and mother. She was born and raised in Western New York and has lived in the Southern Tier and the Finger Lakes throughout her adult life.

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