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The search for Tom Reed continues...

I just hear the news about Trump tabling the COVID-19 relief negotiations. For so many farmers, essential workers, teachers and other Americans living paycheck to paycheck, "after the election" is far too late.

We're in the middle of unprecedented crises, and the Trump administration continues to fail us. So, here we are wondering yet again: where is Rep. Tom Reed?

Too cozy to Trump to be the leader our community needs.
Too busy courting high-dollar donors for his re-election campaign rather than prioritizing policies that would actually excite his constituents.
Too far gone.

We're in the home stretch. We're on the edge of bringing great leadership to New York's 23rd district with Team Tracy. So let's finish it: chip in $15 today and help us win in less than a month!


Posted on October 6, 2020.

Meet Tracy Mitrano

Tracy Mitrano is a cybersecurity expert, teacher, and mother. She was born and raised in Western New York and has lived in the Southern Tier and the Finger Lakes throughout her adult life.

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