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Mitrano: Turn away from politicians who endanger children’s lives for political gain

PENN YAN—Declaring “I will not sacrifice our children on the altar of Tom Reed’s politics,” Democrat Tracy Mitrano sharply criticized his call yesterday to reopen schools in New York State without data and options during her weekly press call this morning.

“We have to get politics out of the school reopening issue, just as we direly need to get politics out of how this country is going to address the pandemic,” said Mitrano. “The main focus has to be on public health, the education of our children, and remaining safe. Politics are unduly complicating an issue that is both critical and complex.”

Mitrano, who is running to represent New York’s 23rd district in Congress, also fired off shots at the Trump administration for mishandling the covid-19 pandemic. Trump has threatened to withhold federal aid from schools that don’t reopen according to his schedule. Mitrano noted that the bulk of federal aid to schools is to meet the needs of students with disabilities.

“We have seen nationally that the more politics are played, the worst the epidemic becomes,” she said. “First responders and people in essential services are suffering the most from the failure to have an appropriate schedule and policy and protocols for addressing this pandemic.” Reopening schools too soon would add students, teachers, staff and their families to the list of at-risk populations, Mitrano said. “The main focus has to be on public health. Politics only makes it worse.”

“And Tom Reed is right in the thick of it,” she added. “He has been irresponsible in his leadership. He parroted Trump in the beginning of this epidemic, saying the virus isn’t going to be that bad and we’re all going to be back in churches by Easter; rejected assistance to New York City and criticized Gov. Cuomo when we were in a dire crisis with false narratives instead of pulling together to help. That is pure politics speaking, not the public interest.”

Decisions about reopening should be made by school districts and tailored to the needs and challenges of each school, said Mitrano, not reopened across the board by fiat from Washington. “Every time Reed is talking about these issues he is only making the situation worse, because his motivation is not public health but politics.

“Tom Reed has forgotten what authentic representation in Congress is all about,” said Mitrano. “He wants to get ahead with Donald Trump. People around this district must stand up and say they will not be dictated to by a president who has threatened them; to turn away from politicians who want to sacrifice the lives of our children, teachers, staff and their families solely for their political advantage.”

For a recording of this morning’s press call, contact Claudia Wheatley (below).

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Claudia Wheatley
[email protected]

Posted on July 9, 2020 in Press Releases.

Meet Tracy Mitrano

Tracy Mitrano is a cybersecurity expert, teacher, and mother. She was born and raised in Western New York and has lived in the Southern Tier and the Finger Lakes throughout her adult life.

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